The Association for the Study of Development and Clarinet (ADEC) was founded in Spain in 1998 to create an ideal place for the exchange of projects, ideas, information and music experiences among clarinetists and enthusiasts of this  instrument. Open to clarinetists, commercial firms, publishers, cultural institutions, conservatories, wind bands, orchestras ... ADEC wants to be, since its beggining, an element of cohesion and a meeting point for all lovers of the clarinet. Established as a non-profit association, it promotes research, encourages  composition and distribution of new music, encourages the advancement of education, encourages younger generations to study,  facilitates knowledge and refinement of new materials and provides an ideal framework for artists, teachers, researchers, students, enthusiasts, music producers and commercial firms to pool all their initiatives, jobs, products and concerns about the clarinet. 

These goals are realized in several initiatives that periodically organizes ADEC: Clarinet Congresses which are held biannually in our country; publication of the Journal of ADEC, dedicated to the research  and exchange of information; competitions for young clarinetists and other activities related to the clarinet 

ADEC encourages relationship with the most important international associations dedicated to clarinet: In 2011 was organized at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, next to the ECA (European Clarinet Association), the II EAC Clarinet Festival and I ECA Competition / Masterclass. And sponsored by the ICA (International Clarinet Association), ADEC will held in Madrid the ClarinetFest2015, a global event entitled "Antonio Romero and his times", to mark the bicentenary of the birth of one of the most distinguished representatives of our renowned Spanish School clarinet.