Benefits of belonging to Spanish Clarinet Association

By Manuel Fernández

Humans are associative by nature and necessity. From our birth, for obvious reasons, throughout our life and as the years progress, we need the help of others. There are many ways to understand the meaning of "association". Aristotle spoke already about associationism. The first who wrote about the "association of ideas" was John Locke in 1690, and David Hume (1739) maintained that the main ways to associationism were similitarity, contiguity in time or place, and cause-effect.

With the decline of Romanticism, the associationism apparently dropped down. However, the difficulties which were undergone by the world in the past century have led us to important international agreements that we could understand as associationism. These agreements have prevented, in many cases, the deterioration of the welfare state and life itself.

Sadly, we have lost part of this associative spirit and perhaps we don't appreciate enough the benefits of belonging to a non-profit cultural association like Spanish Clarinet Association (ADEC), which started its activity in June 1993.

Membership in an association as ADEC opens horizons, interrelating people linked to the clarinet in different ways and arousing interest in broader goals.

Below we will relate a number of reasons why, in our opinion, you should be a member of ADEC to enjoy the advantages and benefits that it entails:

  • Sharing experiences and problems.
  • Support services and resources available to carry out artistic activities.
  • Instant access to any information via handouts, email, newsletters, website, etc.
  • Our resources are available to perform certain activities by lending the equipment owned by the association.
  • Participation in cultural and educational activities organized by ADEC on favorable terms: congresses, competitions, lectures, master classes, etc.
  • Learn from the experiences and concerns of others who share common issues.
  • Opening new channels of action, communication and improvement that match our times.
  • Agreements with music companies and repair shops to get discounts on materials related to the clarinet with our membership card (a list of the stores and shops that have signed the agreement will be posted on our website, including the discounts they apply).
  • Agreements with summer courses to get discounts for members of Spanish Clarinet Association ADEC (to be published on our website).
  • More weight and strength in our relationships with agencies and institutions.
  • Vindicating irregular situations that may arise.
  • Possibility of issuing your research works and papers related to clarinet on ADEC's website.
  • Participating in the general assembly and having all the rights and duties that the association bylaws grant.